I Tech 21 is a physical and neurological holistic micro-current treatment that uses specific electric waveforms issued by two thimbles that incorporate all the different wavelengths and frequencies of the visible spectrum, combined with LED headsets that incorporate all colours of the spectrum. 
ITech21 achieves the following:
Face: Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, improvement of dull and dehydrated skin, skin tightening, eye bag and dark circle minimisation, lip hydration and volumization, acne improvement and management. 
BodyVisible capillaries reduction, stretch marks, inner arms and inner thigh tightening, reduce appearance of scar tissue.
Neurological: Relaxation, Energising, cellular balancing, brain function activation, increase of immune defences, improvement of self esteem, bruxism.


Low intensity mico-currents applied in a localised way in order to stimulate cell renewal processes and fibroblasts proliferation. There is a recall of water from the deeper layers with an evident acceleration of fibroblasts proliferation, cells responsible for the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. These natural substances are essential for firmness, volume and softness of the skin.
Thanks to this mechanism, collagen is no longer introduced from the outside, but it is produced by the body itself, producing immediately visible results in the reduction of wrinkles and deep lines on the face, results in fresher, younger and more hydrated skin!


Depth is an innovative method which aims to prevent and fight skin ageing signs; it acts on its weak points favouring well-being and balance of the skin.
A kind of bio-revitalization without the use of needles that can be used for beauty problems on the face and body.
It creates a pulsed electric field: the pulses favour skin pores dilatation, the electric current carries the substances able to correct the particular concern in the dermis.
Concentration of substance amount reaching the area to be treated is 90%, compared to 5% of traditional techniques, this allows to quickly  activate cells metabolism.


Acts directly on the molecular structure of the body. It is widely believed that biological dynamics is entirely dominated by chemical  mechanisms, by molecular events that neatly follow each other in time and space.
Molecules interact with each other thanks to the electromagnetic field. Light and colour use these fields to restore the correct internal balance, in simple terms the emission of light and colour to the brain through headphones helps improve minor neuro blockages such as bruxisim and insomnia all the way to improvement of self esteem!


Skin Regeneration is Possible with ITECH
ITech 21 is effective, practical, easy to use and as small as a smartphone.
With the creation of two thimbles to encase the index fingers, and a tablet connected to the arm by a band, we make operator’s hands “bionic”, to be able to always maintain contact with the client in extreme ease.

Light Protocol

12 colours plus the white, applied through headsets on one of the most sensitive areas of the body. They are able to faster transmit information to the brain, going to solve the problem at the origin.

This treatment induces cells rebalancing and regenerating and helps activation and regularity of brain functions. Light and Colour 21 is based on the concept of quantum bio-resonance. Specific wave lengths and frequencies intervene on the electromagnetic level, removing the obstacles that disturb molecular traffic.