What is IOS 21?

IOS21 Muscle Stimulation technology works by transmitting perfectly safe and pain free electro stimulation contractions via individual electrodes that are connected to the muscles on the surface of the skin. Often these muscle motor points have lost tone due to muscle inactivity. The fast contraction and subsequent relaxation of the individual muscles during the treatment, and the precise positioning of the electrodes allows this machine to target specific areas of the body with the right electro wave for the desired result the client needs.

During muscle contraction, energy is collected from the surrounding tissue and adipocyte content comes out, which allows the transformation of fat into glucose at the metabolic level. This process is called Lipolysis (splitting of fats). Depending on the wave type used, we have different muscle contraction, so different results can be achieved depending on the clients needs.

This device comes with easy-to-use pre-set automatic programs that are tailored to clients desired outcome; these pre-set programs also allow ease of use for the therapist administering the treatment. 

Using Gelida’s IO-S21 electro stimulator, the muscles are contracted 150X stronger than normal exercise in the gym. Burning calories with electro stimulation gets your clients body into shape with visible results after just one treatment. 


The IOS21 EMS (Gelida Fitness) device can effectively perform treatments on both the body and the face with no need for multiple ems machines in clinic!

Lipolytic activation through fat cells

Skin tightening and rejuvination

Lymphatic Drainage

Muscle building and firming

Restoration of cellular metabolic functions

Lifiting effects and bio-rejuvenation & anti-age


"The introduction of an IOS21 to our clinic enhances all of our body sculpting results! From 'no sweat' ab workouts, to body sculpting and even muscle rehabilitation! An absolute must-have in any body clinic!"
KLM Aesthetics

Instant Results