What is TOUCHSKIN 21?

Touch Skin Earthed Sublimation technology is the most advanced plasma sublimation device, which works by creating a “flash electrical arc” also know as ‘plasma’ on the skin surface directed with ‘earthed’ pinpoint precision and removes the targeted excess surface skin via a process called sublimation.

This safe, effective and low-invasive treatment provides a noticeable improvement after just one treatment with renewed firmness, elasticity and tightening of the skin as treatment progresses.

No scarring, no damage to pigment, no need for a general anaesthetic or damage to the surrounding tissue area. Without damaging the surrounding tissue this innovative technology takes action on the targeted area for a variety of skin problems.


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From our case studies, it has been noted that in some patients these results can be visible immediately after the treatment however the full results are obtained 30 days post treatment. As this is a non-invasive procedure the body systems require time to process the treated cells and respond to the treatment.

How many treatments required will vary from patient to patient, why is this? No two bodies are the same and everybody’s goals are also different therefore, we assess this on an individual basis.

The Technology

Touch Skin® is the worlds first 'Earthed' plasma technolgy!

The Treatments

Non-Surgical Eye lid lift, wrinkle reduction, lip contour wrinkles, pigmentation, skin tightening, small tattoo removal, acne scaring, stretch marks, milia removal, skin tag removal.