Cold therapy what is it?

Cold therapy is a treatment that uses cold temperatures to help heal injuries. It is often used in sports medicine to help athletes recover from injuries faster. The Gelida Medica CRYO 21 is a popular device for providing cold therapy. In this article, we will discuss how cold therapy can help you heal faster and who can benefit from it.

What are the main benefits?

One of the main benefits of cold therapy is that it lowers the metabolic rate at the sight of the injury. This helps the tissue to survive during the period following injury. Cold therapy has several other benefits, including:

– Pain relief: Cold therapy can help numb pain and reduce inflammation.

– Reduced swelling: By reducing blood flow and inflammation, cold therapy can help to reduce swelling around an injury.

– Reduced bleeding or bruising: Cold therapy can also help to constrict blood vessels, which can reduce bleeding and bruising.

– Reduced muscle spasm: Muscle spasms are often a result of inflammation and pain. By reducing these symptoms, cold therapy can help to prevent muscle spasms from occurring.

Who benefits from cold therapy?

Cold therapy can be beneficial for anyone who has suffered a soft tissue injury, such as:

– Impact injury causing swelling or bruising

– Ligament injury

– Muscle injury

If your clients have any of these types of injuries, cold therapy may be an effective treatment option for your clinic. Talk to one of the Gelida Gurus today.